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What is pit smoked BBQ?
Pit smoked BBQ is the process of cooking ‘low & slow’ over fire and smoke for periods of between 3 and 16 hours.

What is dry rubbing?
Dry rubbing is the process of coating the outside of the meat with a house blend of herbs & spices. The cuts of dry-rubbed meat are cooked low & slow in our smoker and periodically basted, using a handmade herb brush to build flavour complexity.

Our meats & vegetables are char-grilled on our custom built BBQ grill to give that final layer of flavour to complete the pit smoked BBQ process.

Where is the meat sourced and cooked?
Our premium cuts of meat are cooked ‘low & slow’ for between 3 & 16 hours, and all food is ethically sourced from local producers.
All our custom cuts of fresh Irish meats are smoked in-house daily using carefully select varieties of woods to compliment each dish.

What about dietary requirements?

The majority of our dishes are Gluten Free and we also have a vegan option available. But remember you are entering a meat shop full of the aromas of pit smoked bbq. If you have other dietary requirements just ask staff for details.

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