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Tucked away on Little Hanover street there lies a delight, Holy Smoke is a restaurant specialising in Pit Smoked BBQ, offering mouth watering trays of meats and other hearty fare, craft beers and cocktails in a modern setting with a warm, industrial feel.

Our meat is cooked low and slow for between 3 & 16 hours. We dry rub the meat with a house blend of herbs and spices. All of our meat is 100% Irish and we only use the best wood and charcoal which is sourced from 100% sustainable woodlands and free from nasty chemicals. With our award winning Pitmasters and our menu especially crafted by Meat Guru, Chef John Relihan former head chef of Jamie Oliver’s BBQ restaurant Barbecoa the smokehouse has meat fans flocking.

The best way to grab a table at Holy Smoke is follow the free smells and turn up at our door!

However, if you’d like to secure one of our limited advanced booking tables, please call 021 4273000.

The full restaurant is available for private bookings on Mondays & Tuesdays, were we can feed 100 people.


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